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Experimental Curatorial Space

Puzzle is an experimental art space as well as an alternative exhibition space. It is the creation of china-born, Sydney based founder, Luna Xu. Puzzle was established in September 2021 and is based in Chippendale, Sydney. Chippendale is the rich creative heartland of inner-city Sydney, full of exciting galleries such as white rabbit, pompom, canteen and red base.

Puzzle aims to break to traditional notions of an art museum or commercial art gallery. Converted from a garage, it gives a hint of unconventional to the space. Puzzle has a strong focus on conveying the strength of curatorial thinking, being a curator led space that aspires to foster a diversity and encourage emerging and experimental practices.

Situated on the mid ground of the art gallery and non-profit space, Puzzle is an experimental space with the functions of an art gallery. Puzzle embraces explorative curatorial programming; provides independent curating opportunities; builds a connective platform to link curators and artists.

Through the form of art seminars, Puzzle promotes talented emerging curators to explore and investigate the curatorial ideology in unique ways.   

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