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all around the silence of the body

         the paper like the skin of your palm

Marguerite Carson & Nani Graddon 

13–28 May 2023

'all around the silence of the body 

    the paper like the skin of your palm' 

emerges from ongoing conversation across distance and collaboration across place; exploring the nature of the body that isn’t found, but framed by the structures that encode the world around us. Thinking through the inheritance of material and immaterial technologies and structures the exhibition traces the ways in which the weather is and has been a corner stone of the oppressive empirical and colonial sciences, an embodied presence, one we historically have tried to reify through empirical measurement and built structures. The history of modernity is the history of attempted control of weather, a notion which increasingly comes back to haunt. 

Through tensions arising between growth and decay, the tightened structure and the open one, the embodied and the accelerated, the work asks what is left behind in the making of record.

Artist bios


Marguerite Carson and Nani Graddon share a collaborative practice that spans distance and dislocated movement across place. Drawing on a history of shared occupancy - both artists having lived at separate times in Glasgow, Sydney and Hobart - and the nature of conversation and collaboration across distance, the exhibition realises the artist’s respective practices together for the first time and explores the curatorial potential of the works in shared proximity.


Marguerite Carson (they/them) b. Edinburgh 1998 is an artist and writer based currently in nipaluna/Hobart working between writing, the curatorial, sculpture and film. Often working collaboratively they are interested in themes of correspondence, navigation, mythmaking and information. They graduated in 2019 from Glasgow School of Art with BA(Hons). And curate Are You New Here a monthly art writing zine.


Nani Graddon is an artist, arts worker, and ceramicist  based somewhere between nipulana and Gadigal and Bidjigal land of the Eora Nation. Nani has worked collaboratively in Sydney, Hobart, and Glasgow, organising, and exhibiting in group shows. She was a finalist in the 2022 Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize, and is currently a board member of Constance ARI.

Nani’s artistic practice contemplates contemporary Australian Society and her place within it. She is interested in the institutionalisation of knowledge and how to encourage movement into stationary definitions of people, objects, and histories. She often starts her projects by finding ways to move through a chosen site, commonly walking, photographing, and writing to unearth a story or perspective.

Nani volunteers on the board of Constance ARI working curatorially to facilitate  the presentation of emerging art. She utilises alternative spaces to bring together exhibitions open to all early career artists.

Installation view

Artwork details

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