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Curator: Sephira Law

24 June–10 July 2022

When was the last time you talked to your family in person? 

For me, it was 22 January 2020, right after my mom’s birthday. 

885 days later, we are still thousands of kilometres apart, without knowing when we will meet again. 


Many of us have relied on video chatting, text sending, and picture exchanging to stay connected with our family through the 13cm screen. Yet this kind of connection is frail, fractured, and interrupted now and then by daily obligations like working, studying, and sometimes by this phrase -

“Your connection is unstable.”

- A brief but cruel summary of our relationship with loved ones for the past few years.


Combining projections, reflection, and iridescent installation, “Blowing Water” represents a series of fragmented reality captured and delivered through phone screens. It means distant souls craving incidental comfort while being far away from home. Despite its unstable and ephemeral nature, this internet-based connection offers thin threads of nostalgia and hope, shining flickering light into an unpredictable path. 


P.S. “blowing water” means “吹水”, a Cantonese slang that describes casual conversations.

Installation view

Artwork details

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