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2023. 06

"The Palace of Colour" is an introspective artistic exploration of a brown queer individual growing up in a heteronormative society. 

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2023. 05

This exhibition emerges from ongoing conversation across distance and collaboration across place; exploring the nature of the body that isn’t found, but framed by the structures that encode the world around us. 

2023. 04

We stand at the precipice of the Anthropocene’s end, and yet we are blind to our own self-destruction. So let us time travel. Let us transport ourselves to a space where the beginning and the end live in sacred harmony, where we can earn what our presence means on this planet.  

thomas puzzle show 23.jpg

2023. 03

Examining experimental ways of making works about place, Thomas Thorby-Lister's exhibition titled IMPRESSIONS envelops the viewer and provokes a haptic response to the textures and surfaces presented, an intimate encapsulating of the site itself and an embodying of place.

2023. 02

DARLINGS, in partnership with Puzzle, present Horse Girl an immersive exhibition curated by New York/Sydney-based artist and curator Gregory Uzelac inspired by the works of Australian painter and object maker Ella Burke.


2022. 12

We see each other; we dance together; we love each other; we distance each other.

2022. 10

Infinite Sensés is an endless journey of discovery.  Walk through the fog, open your eyes. Step on the gravel, touch and breathe. And start perceiving and dreaming.


2022. 07

Taking its name from internet slang, Based In The USA exhibited new media artworks from three young artists and one collective all living and working in the United States.

2022. 06

Combining projections, reflection, and iridescent installation, “Blowing Water” represents a series of fragmented reality captured and delivered through phone screens. It means distant souls craving incidental comfort while being far away from home.


2022. 05

Mirage is an interactive installation bringing what is inside the photograph to the audience. The artist invites audiences to walk the fine line between projected reality and recreated reality.

2022. 05

“Partition” invites the audiences to witness and partake in the birth of an art exhibition. A black partition creates a barrier between the artist's studio/gallery installation site and the outside world.


2021. 12

Opinion Market accepts all possibilities, which is like a free-trade market for opinions. Understanding, accepting, buying or choosing to ignore, refuse, and do it all depends on yourself.

The curators' curatorial concept is their merchandise in the opinion market and the exhibit of the exhibition.

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