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Thomas Thorby-Lister

24 March–9 April 2023

Examining experimental ways of making works about place, Thomas Thorby-Lister's exhibition titled IMPRESSIONS envelops the viewer and provokes a haptic response to the textures and surfaces presented, an intimate encapsulating of the site itself and an embodying of place.


A series of small site-specific ceramic sculptures, created by taking pressings and casts, responds to the various natural and industrial  features of the site's surfaces and textures, a collection of puzzle-like pieces. 

Thorby-Lister's large scale immersive paintings envelope the viewer in a field of detailed textures, the surface of the linen folded and painted in response to the ceramic casts, evoking a sense of touch and engaging the body in the space. 

Continuing the artist's exploration of site-responsive ways of working, IMPRESSIONS is a playful approach to examining industrial urban space. 

Thomas Thorby-Lister's conceptually driven practice works across painting, site-action, drawing, installation, photography and digital media. Through abstraction, fieldwork, site-specific projects and studio research Thorby-Lister typically focuses on examining the flawed ways information is depicted and interpreted. His site-actions and fieldwork include alternative ways of recording place and describing the physical environment, through both digital and analogue methods. Recent projects explore the uncertainty of location, weather as agent, geography and cartography, sites of environmental disasters and an on-going enquiry into formalist painting concerns.

Installation view

Artwork details

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