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Curator: Heidi Huang

22–30 Oct 2022

“Sense is a silent language.”

Sense is imagination, Sense is neglected, yet comes from a primordial force in our bodies.  Senses take us beyond the confines of the physical world of the body, evoking a memory in you, an instant charged with emotion.

We are accustomed to appreciating artworks from a distance, however, Infinite Sensés invites audiences to join in the presentation of an exhibition. Yes, you are a part of the exhibition. In the Infinite Sensés, the four artists evoke our perception and understanding of the senses in different ways.  Hearing, sight, smell, and touch are just the basics. What other senses can you perceive in Infinite Sensés? What can be evoked through them? The answer to questions is up to you.  

Infinite Sensés is an endless journey of discovery.  Walk through the fog, open your eyes. Step on the gravel, touch and breathe. And start perceiving and dreaming.

Installation view

Artwork details

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