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Curator: Luna Wenxin Xu 徐雯莘

12 Dec–31 Jan 2022


Opinion Market accepts all possibilities, which is like a free-trade market for opinions.

Understanding, accepting, buying or choosing to ignore, refuse, and do it all depends on yourself.

The curators' curatorial concept is their merchandise in the opinion market and the exhibit of the exhibition. The cube box in the exhibition represents the white cube in curatorial theory, which is probably a fundamental concept that every curatorial student must know. And the new curatorial concept must not be limited to the cubic space of the white wall (it should be experimental, characteristic, and specific).


This is an art exhibition with no artists involved and no "general artworks".

I invited 12 emerging curators based in Sydney who has been involved in Sydney's art gallery, museum or art Institution. I invite curators to express their opinions and curatorial ideas and then materialise the abstract concepts into microcosmic concrete boxes. Their box is their curatorial concept and exhibition space for their opinions. Each curator's opinion is independent and does not interfere with others but is implicitly connected at the same time.

Opinion Market's exhibition design uses many coloured lines and a conspicuous red line throughout the whole exhibition space. It is not only the cutting line of space but also an important clue connecting every single corner in the space.


Artwork details

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