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Curator: Luna Wenxin Xu 徐雯莘

14th May–22nd May 2022

An artist's studio is often chaotic, yet encouraging endless creativity. The obscure clouds will clear once an art is born. We are used to visiting exhibitions in art galleries or museums after the installation is done. However, “Partition” invites the audiences to witness and partake in the birth of an art exhibition. A black partition creates a barrier between the artist's studio/gallery installation site and the outside world. Audiences can peek at the working area through the embedded camera lens in the centre of the partition. At the same time, the artist and curator inside the space perceive the outside world through conversations with audiences. Audiences can stop by and observe any particular moment of the installation process. Based on the principle of keyhole imaging, the scene outside is projected into the exhibition space through a small hole above the ground, but as a reversed image. The scene outside is the reality, and the scene projected inside is the photograph - it is part of the real world, yet also an illusion.

Installation view

Artwork details

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