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all around the silence of the body the paper like the skin of your palm

artist website

artist website

May 12 - May 28

Marguerite Carson & Nani Graddon
@margueritecarson & @nanigraddon

Emerging from an ongoing conversation across distance and collaboration across place; exploring the nature of the body that isn’t found, but framed by the structures that encode the world around us. Thinking through the inheritance of material and immaterial technologies and structures the exhibition traces the ways in which the weather is and has been a cornerstone of the oppressive empirical and colonial sciences, an embodied presence, one we historically have tried to reify through empirical measurement and built structures. The history of modernity is the history of attempted control of the weather, a notion which increasingly comes back to haunt.

Through tensions arising between growth and decay, the tightened structure and the open one, the embodied and the accelerated, the work asks what is left behind in the making of the record.

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