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December 10 - December 23, 2022
Rat Beddlington, Dean Qiulin Li, Leon Qin and Olga Svyatova

People are alone. People are crowded. We are party animals. We are standing in the crowd alone.

We see each other; we dance together; we love each other; we distance each other.

The crowd invites four artists who examine the relationships between the artists themselves and the others. The exhibition features many different kind of relationships in the crowd. The works share many crossover effects, but their affinity is in revealing the sensibility and uncertainty in the crowd through artist’s perspective.

“If there is an Other, whatever or whoever he may be, whatever may be his relations with me, and without his acting upon me in any way except by the pure upsurge of his being – then I have an outside, I have an essence.” (Being and Nothingness, Jean- Paul Sartre)

Curated by Luna Wenxin Xu

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