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June 15 2024
Tala Issaoui

Ode To My Void invites you to contemplate, reflect and renew yourself from connections that we form through others.
Romantic or platonic, I express my uncertainties with love and sorrows of relationships. Conjoining both my works Ode To My Soulmate? (2022) and void... (2023), this is an ode to a chapter in my life where I experienced a complete void in myself and the connections I had.
This is a chapter where I physically and metaphorically cleanse myself to ultimately let go of the anguish I experienced, but never forgetting the pain that was inflicted.
Pouring into one cup, then into the other. I struggle to achieve temperance.
A death.
Then, a re-birth into a new beginning onto my next journey as a soul on this earth.

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