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Sept 9 - Sept 24, 2023

Jesse Wakenshaw

The Exhibition space becomes a multi-sensory environment, a new realm in which to explore and perhaps process ones trauma/ physc.

Lingering memories of travel, voyages of self-discovery, doubt, fear and alienation. A relationship to growing up as a queer child, in what seemed like a “ hyper-masculine” obsessive brutal world.

Various mediums including Olfaction, Photography, Video, and Sculpture serve as a connection to both the past and the present.

Using Materials which are commonly sourced within industrial and trade environments which mostly have had a gendered connotation put towards them. Comfort, Chaos, Control, Confusion, Strength, andVulnerability play and intertwine with the object sand scent throughout the installation.

Certain objects will evolve and uncover different aroma facets thus portraying the journey and intervals of time. Such facets that ignite nostalgia , curiosity, comfort and discomfort.

These scents become an invisible language, a story within a story.

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