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The Palace of Colour

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June 9 - June 25, 2023

Lingam Brown

The Palace of Colour" is an introspective artistic exploration of a brown queer individual growing up in a heteronormative society. Through the powerful medium of self-portraiture, the artist skilfully weaves together elements from Indian history, particularly the Rajput caste and queerness, to challenge the erasure of queer identity within their cultural heritage. By assuming the personas of historical Rajput figures and employing negative space to symbolize erasure, the artist aims to reclaim and proudly represent their queer 'self' that has been marginalized in societal narratives.

Drawing inspiration from Hindu texts, Hindu marriage rituals, and Rajput miniature paintings, the artist masterfully combines masculine and feminine sensibilities in their self-portraits, presenting a multifaceted representation of strength, authority, and beauty. Through their artistic practice, the artist not only validates their own queer identity but also asserts a sense of empowerment. By engaging with mythologies and societal conventions, the artist disrupts established norms, challenging the limited representations of queerness and reshaping historical narratives. "The Palace of Colour" invites viewers to critically reflect on the intersections of history, religion, and sexuality while celebrating the diverse expressions of queerness within cultural contexts.

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