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Love Boy and His Imaginary Friends

30 March 2024

The unique half-digital, half-analogue band formed by Nicolaj Èsteban(CH) and his imaginary childhood companions.


Fling Magazine Launch

8 March 2024

Featuring 25 creatives working individually or collectively to produce 12 unpublished works in FLING Magazine by Izzy Feek issue 01 is about extending the glints of connections that tether us together ☆☆☆ 



Bonnie Huang @localbonbon 
Vanity Project @vanityprojectincorporated 
Ifeoma Obiegbu @phatrishbish 
Stella Morison @stellamorison 
Lina Macgregor @biigfluffyhat 
Burnia @burnia.burnia 
Gianna Hewitt Brown @giannalovehewitt 
Hannah Lawrence @hanlawrence_ 
Sophia Buck @buck0fff 
Hannah Stevenson @hannahstevenson1_ 
Aidan Ouma @_negroamigo 
Ruby Hardcastle @rubyhardcastle 
Josephine Sineux @byej0 
Starbound @starb0und

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Summer Market

17 December 2023

summermarket 81.jpg

Georgie Jones & Brett Adrier

1 July 2023

Georgie Jones bolsters soulful music with raw lyrical finesse. After lending her voice to the Elvis film to back up Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak, Miss Jones broke her gig hiatus supporting Aussie band George on their Polyserena 20th anniversary tour last year.

Now, accompanied by collaborator Brett Adrien on Double bass, Georgie brings her commanding voice and sirenic presence to the experimental space of Puzzle Gallery.

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